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 "In Graphic Design, I believe in Storytelling."

My name is Joshua Stedford, and I design Liveries that tell a story.


From edgy, Aftermarket designs to clean, uncluttered wraps, all my designs have a distinct personality and purpose; with a strong source of inspiration behind each. 

It won't just look nice. It will mean something.

I've been designing Liveries since I was six years old and I've developed a very sharp eye which I can use to ensure your Livery is memorable for all the right reasons. 

Livery Design

From commercial signage to Motorsport to unique Aftermarket wraps, Livery Magic will have you covered. This is what I do.

From £150

Logo Design & Branding

Logos, business cards, merchandise and much more. I can create distinct, memorable, and beautiful graphics for your business.

From £100

Vector Templates

In addition, I'll be selling a wide range of affordable, customisable, easy-to-use Vehicle Templates; ideal for creating your own Liveries, or adding something extra to a Graphic Design project. 


Coming soon

Pop Art
 Why choose Livery Magic?

There are some amazing Graphic Designers out there, and you've got plenty of options when picking a designer for your project.


But here's why, in my words, I believe I'm the man for the job:

 I'm eager to overdeliver

I am determined to grow and establish Livery Magic.


This means I'm hungry to improve, overdeliver, establish a good reputation and absolutely blow your mind with brilliant, imaginative concepts.


If you hire me, I will pull out all the stops for you. 

 Low, fair pricing

For projects large and small, I can provide comprehensive packages at an excellent price that will deliver everything you need for less.


I provide a service that is open to everyone, regardless of your budget or deadline. 

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 Paperless, Eco-Friendly Operation

My business is almost entirely paperless! Documents and creative drafts are processed digitally, reducing paper waste to near zero.


My online store will be paperless and focused on digital downloads, reducing pollution and eradicating shipping costs.


Energy expenditure is also limited thanks to an efficient, low wattage PC build and responsible usage of electricity.

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