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 Short Term Goals | 1-3 Months

- 3D Training has begun. Resume progress at a steady pace.

- Objectively critique my work with the 7 Steps to Creative Success. Simple, Relevant, Memorable, Timeless, Versatile, Colour-strong, Unique. Every Livery will have 6 of these.

- Improve SEO of this website. LinkedIn expansion on hold.  

 Medium Term Goals | 3-12 Months

- Have my 3D Rendering service up and running by approximately Q4 2024 - Q1 2025. The majority of '24 to be spent training.

- Expand my portfolio of Bikes and Vans. 

- Update the Livery Magic website once a month (previously once a quarter). 

 Long Term Goals | 1-3 Years

- Launch online store for Vehicle Templates (currently paused to prioritise 3D expansion. Also considering selling pre-made Liveries instead of VT's).

- Compete in design and art competitions.

- Increase Livery Magic's number of collaborations.

- Expand my services to include Race Suit Design, Helmet Design, and 3D Previews. 

 Never-ending Goals

- Studying and practicing my craft.​

- Improving my customer service. ​

- Keep growing Livery Magic's online presence. 

- Constant improvement of my Portfolio (i.e: this website).

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