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 Short Term Goals | 1-3 Months

- Include bonnet and/or topside designs in every Instagram post. 

- Incorporate Ai image generation into appropriate projects (such as character-based Liveries). 

 Medium Term Goals | 3-12 Months

- Begin training in 3D design and upgrade pc hardware accordingly.  

- Mild-to-moderate brand refresh with a new company colour palette.

- Definitively open webstore for Vehicle Templates.

- Further practice of character illustrations (with Ai generation as an additional tool).

 Long Term Goals | 1-3 Years

- Produce more illustrations and artwork.

- Compete in design and art competitions.

- Increase Livery Magic's number of collaborations.

- Expand my services to include Race Suit and Helmet Design. 

 Never-ending Goals

- Studying and practicing my craft.​

- Improving my customer service. ​

- Keep growing Livery Magic's online presence. 

- Constant improvement of my Portfolio (i.e: this website).

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