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Image by Erik Mclean

 "A great Livery could be the one thing missing from your Vehicle."

That's where I come in.
Here's how I'll create something special for your car, racecar, or commercial vehicle - step by step.
 Step 1: Let's hear about your project!

We'll talk about your requirements and objectives for the project. I will understand what you'd like to achieve, the kind of Livery you're interested in, and what vehicle you'd like wrapped. 


From our discussion, I'll also learn what modifications and sponsors your vehicle has, and if you have any events or deadlines approaching. You will also receive a quote during Step 1.

- Introduction

- Project Scope

- Quote & Pricing

 Step 2: We brainstorm

We'll discuss what kind of liveries you like and dislike, and what kind of theme you're hoping to go forward with.


Whether it's something subtle, bold, or inspired by an existing design, I'll understand what kind of Livery really appeals to you and use that information to begin early drafts.

For this example, my client was inspired by Liveries applied to Rauh Welt Begriff [RWB] 911's, and they wanted a base colour of Porsche Shark Blue.


As I was working on a Nissan 350Z with a custom widebody kit, a Porsche with similarly extensive modifications was a very good source of inspiration. 


- Brainstorm

- Specify Design Direction

- Identify your likes & dislikes 

RWB 930 911 - Example 2.jpg
 Step 3: First drafts & Template Preparation

The first thing I'll do is get a 2D template/blueprint ready for your vehicle, accurate in scale compared to the real thing.


For cars with a lot of aftermarket modifications, I always make bespoke changes and adjustments to the vehicle template in order to accommodate them; both in terms of appearance and dimensions. I can also illustrate any aftermarket wheels you like from scratch. 

With the template ready, I will use all the guidance from our discussion in Step 2 to put together some early Livery concepts. You can also reject these initial concepts if you feel I've missed the mark and I'll come up with something better after hearing your feedback.

- Preparing your vehicle template in all perspectives. 

- First Drafts usually completed in 1-3 days. 

All Perspectives 1.30 Scale.png
 Step 4: Revisions & Final Drafts

We improve the initial draft with consecutive revisions until you're totally happy.


For the most part, this involves adding or improving the elements you like, and identifying and removing the ones you don't.


Attention to detail plays a massive part at this stage, and I'll go over every area with a fine toothcomb to ensure everything looks as intended, translates well to your vehicle, and can be printed and applied without too much difficulty.

- Final Drafts: Your favourite concept refined

- Thorough quality control checks

All Perspectives 1.30 Scale.png
 Step 5: Getting things ready for print

A critical stage: formatting the Livery and digital files I've created for printing.


I will include instructions, guides, colour codes, and vector files so that you or a print shop of your choice can access everything easily and print the livery without issue.

If applying the Livery with a plotter and cutting layers from solid colour vinyl, I can provide options for that too if requested. 


- Livery formatted for printing

- Colour codes, instructions and design guides written

- Everything consolidated within an SVG File 

For Portfolio services.png
 Step 6: Project Completion

The livery is now complete, and the files I've created and finalised will be emailed to you.

PNG and SVG files will cover both social media use and the Livery Application Process respectively.

- All digital files sent via email

- Post-project contact available for troubleshooting

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