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Mexican Theme

"Memorable, communicative, attractive. Your branding should be all three."

A strong brand and a great logo have all three of these things in common. Here's how I can make it true of your company's visuals.

 Step 1: Let's hear about your project!

We'll talk about your requirements and objectives for the project. I will gain an understanding of what you'd like to achieve, what your business is about, and what you'd like me to create. You'll also receive a quote during Step 1.

- Introduction

- Project Scope

- Quote & Pricing

 Step 2: We brainstorm

I'll share some colour palettes, typefaces, and other remarkable examples so that I can gauge what you like and dislike.


I'll also learn about how you want your audience to feel after seeing your brand. Whether it's joy, a sense of luxury, or a mark of trust, I will gain an understanding of what emotions your branding should connotate.


- Brainstorm

- Specify Design Direction

- Identify your likes & dislikes 

Step 2.png
 Step 3: Initial Concepts

Using all the guidance from our discussion, I'll begin putting together some early drafts and concepts. 

For certain projects, I will present multiple options to choose from as well, or a selection of different colour palettes to browse.

You can also reject these initial concepts if you feel I've missed the mark and I'll come up with something better after hearing your feedback.

- First Drafts usually completed in 1-2 days

- 1-4 concepts and/or colourways provided

concept 1 2 3.png
 Step 4: Your Favourite Concepts Refined

We select your favourite logo concept and I refine it until the design is exactly what you're looking for. I can also finalise multiple drafts if your organisation needs to introduce my concepts to a focus group.

- Final Drafts

- Improvements made from your feedback

Step 4 concept 1 all colours.png
 Step 5: Stationary and Socials

With the logo now near completion, I can incorporate it into images prepped for Social Media, profile pictures, and business card designs should your organisation require it.

Just like the logo's creation, I'll give you plenty of options to choose from, now using the colour palette and theme derived from the logo you've chosen. Your logo can be animated if required too. 

- Images prepped for Social Media use

- Stationary Designs and logo animation(s) if required

Panel and business card.png
 Step 6: Completed Logo Package

It's ready! I load up everything into a zipped file, complete with a font licence, invoice, and multiple formats for all kinds of use. I can also write a style guide if your company needs one.


I'll include versions of the logo with a transparent background and plenty of image sizes. Any stationary designs and other branding materials you've ordered will be included here too. 

- Multiple image sizes

- Colour and Monotone logo variations

- Vector and Pixel Formats

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