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 "A great Livery could be the one thing missing from your Vehicle."

That's where I come in.


Liveries are my canvas with a turbocharger attached. And I've been designing them since 2017 for multiple purposes.

I can design Liveries for Motorsport - a medium that requires a fine balance between a strong message for your sponsors, and something that will capture your audience's imagination. The best Liveries of all time have come from the checkered flag after all...

I can also create Liveries for commercial signage - something direct, uncluttered and memorable to promote your business on a vehicle of your choice.


And I can interpret an all-time classic Livery from Motorsport history and make it shine on your vehicle. As car enthusiasts, we all love a Martini or Rothmans Livery because of the history behind it. And I am an expert in doing these iconic designs justice, no matter the vehicle. 

CTR - Jaccs - Flipped.png
2012 Honda CRZ - Epson 'CMYK' - Double Shot.png
 Step 1: Let's hear about your project!

We'll talk about your requirements and objectives for the project. I will understand what you'd like to achieve, the kind of Livery you're interested in, and what vehicle you'd like wrapped. 


From our discussion, I'll also learn what modifications and sponsors your vehicle has, and what modifications you have planned so that the Livery I create can accommodate them. You will also receive a quote during Step 1.

- Introduction

- Project Scope

- Quote & Pricing

 Step 2: We brainstorm

We'll discuss what kind of liveries you like and dislike, and what kind of theme you're hoping to go forward with. Whether it's something subtle, bold, or inspired by an existing design, I'll understand what kind of Livery really appeals to you and use that information to begin early drafts.

In this example, I've brainstormed a selection of Honda Liveries with a client (mostly inspired by Motorsport) using exclusively flat colours and lots of Aftermarket logos. 


- Brainstorm

- Specify Design Direction

- Identify your likes & dislikes 

R (3).jfif
 Step 3: First drafts & Template Preparation

First thing I'll do is get a template ready for your vehicle. Depending on the project, I will either create my own or purchase a vehicle template. If your car has a lot of Aftermarket exterior modifications, I will use my background in 2D Graphic Design to modify a template for your car's unique exterior.

Most projects will require multiple perspectives: front, rear, sides and topside (similar to the example below), but illustrations, less complicated signage, and simple wrap designs may require less than four perspectives.


With the template ready, I will use all the guidance from our discussion in Step 2 to put together some early Livery concepts. You can also reject these initial concepts if you feel I've missed the mark and I'll come up with something better from your feedback.

- Preparing your template

- First Drafts

- 1-4 Perspectives

eibach case study 1.png
eibach case study 2.png
2006 Honda S2000 [AP2] - Eibach White - Single.png
2006 Honda S2000 [AP2] - Eibach White - Double.png
2000 Nissan Silvia S15.png
 Step 4: Final Drafts

We select your favourite livery concept and I refine it until it looks exactly how you want it to. Attention to detail plays a massive part at this stage, and I'll go over every area with a fine toothcomb to make sure everything looks as intended and translates well to your vehicle.

In this example, I've refined this Eibach Livery for the Honda S2000 with additional strokes around the sponsors and race numeral, and I've tweaked the colour palette (introducing Gold/Rose Gold, inspired by the Eibach Honda CR-Z from Step 2).

- Final Drafts: Your favourite concept(s) refined

- Thorough quality control checks

eibach case study 3.png
2006 Honda S2000 [AP2] - Eibach Red - Double.png
 Step 5: Getting things ready for print

A critical stage: formatting the Livery I've created so that it can be installed by your local print shop. I will include instructions, guides, colour codes, and vector files so that the print shop of your choice can access everything easily and print the livery without issue.

This stage involves formatting the graphics I've created so that they scale to the dimensions of your car. During stages 3 and 4, I will have taken into account skirts, flares, wide fenders and other flourishes on the bodywork so that every logo/sponsor is visible and all the graphics compliment your vehicle's unique body shape.


- Livery formatted for printing.

- Colour codes, instructions and design guides written

- Livery finish identified (e.g: Satin, Gloss, Chrome) 

eibach case study 4.png
eibach case study 5.png
 Step 6: Illustrations to show the world

I like to include some digital files with my liveries too, so that you can share these images on whatever platform you like and gain a great marketing boost from it. 

This stage is completely optional - if you'd rather keep your livery under wraps (pun intended), I'm happy to exercise discretion. But if you want to show off your fancy new graphics...


- Illustrations prepared for Social Media

- Various image sizes optimised for different platforms 

deliveroo Golf - Standard View.png
Exedy Comparison.png
Audi A1 - Liqui Moly - 12.9.png
eibach case study 6.png
 Step 7: Project Completion

Images for Marketing are ready, the livery is now complete, and the last thing for me to do is send all the files across.

Expect a large zip file to be headed your way! PNG's, JPEG's, and Vector Files will cover everything from Livery printing to Social Media images. 

I will also include your invoice and PDF guides to help you navigate the final package I've sent across and help you get the most out of your purchase.

- Vector and Pixel Formats

- PDF Guides for every project

- Invoice, payment and project conclusion

- I'm always available for contact if you run into any issues

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